Temple University – Graphic Design Intern

June – August recap!

10 weeks flew by.  I know I say it during some of my weekly recaps but when I saw this internship online, I jumped on it.  I have a few friends at Temple but I discovered this field of creatives in the sports industry very recently and the thought of working for a very well known school was kind of intimidating.  Also not being very familiar with the train, I knew this would be a good opportunity all around.

When I was interviewed, I was asked what goals did I have to get out of this internship.  I have to say, I met all those goals and learned way more than I expected.  I decided to keep a blog entry for every week to just document what I accomplished and to also look back on for memories.

I want to sincerely thank every member who I worked with directly at Temple.  I was able to work closely with talented graphic designers and a very talented motion designer.  In the same area, I was surrounded by talented videographers and photographers.  Seeing everyone zoned into their craft was always so encouraging.  I definitely had a great time learning from the most talented individuals and I hope our paths cross again in the future.

Week 10 – The finale

Going in the week knowing this was my last time working with Temple’s Athletic Department, I had such mixed emotions.  I was ready for anything.  This week, however, was the most challenging in my opinion.  First, I was assigned to reciprocate specific dimensions and create a cherry and white copy of the panels to slide into prize wheel slots.  This was difficult for me because out of all the designs I’ve ever created, I’ve never had to copy measurements.

Dimensions for prize wheel

However, I was able to create a board of the 2 colors and now the public relations and marketing team are able to print out multiple copies they can write on for the activities to come in late August.

I was also assigned to create headshot templates for the Men’s and Women’s soccer teams.  I completed a similar template for the Women’s Volleyball team, but the display screen at the soccer games is a lot different, size-wise.

Men’s soccer profile – monitor template

I was able to quickly make about 25 (depending on the number of players on the team) for both Men’s and Women’s soccer’s displays.  Their headshots will be added soon!

On my last day, I was tasked with a challenging project I couldn’t finish, with the timeline of my last week there.  The department came up with the idea to have weekly posters out around campus, displaying weekly sporting events to increase attendance.  Working with Temple now for 10 weeks, I am well aware of Temple’s branding.  Knowing what I knew, I created a poster from scratch.  I had two rounds but this was the copy we went with.  I didn’t mind going back and fixing my mistakes.

40X30 inch draft

Everything worked out.  I finished the 40X30 inch file of the project but since it was my last day, I couldn’t continue, starting my 2nd internship already.  I felt good at least leaving a template for them to go off of to copy for the other dimensions.  My last day was the busiest day but I wouldn’t have wanted any other way.

Week 9 – Crunch time

August is when creatives of colleges teams really start crunching down.  With football around the corner, everyone is busy in their own way making sure content is ready to push out on time.

#3’s name tag

My job this week was to create name tags for the lockers for the football team.  Even though these tags will be temporary, I really made sure they looked clean!

Having the dimensions be 2.125 in. x 11.75 in., I had about 125 names to make.  Starting with the longest name to make sure I had a good layout, I was able to create the 125!  I really enjoy creating from scratch.

Name tags next to full list

Week 8 – Uniform reveal time

(Media created by Brad Ahern)

Today I went into the office an hour early for another media day, this time for Temple’s Men’s Basketball team.  We went into the TECH center, a few blocks away, which has all the communication and PR offices.  This is also where the photography studio is, where I met the photographer, who covers most sports during media day.  He was super nice and so helpful.

It was my job to get headshots of the players, serious and smiling shots for the roster.  I worked at a photography studio for a year prior and I’ve dealt with 12 young children for a family portrait but I was so nervous today.  However, the photographer was so helpful and told me “I ran the show.”  He was also able to answer any questions I had.

The guys’ energy made the time a lot of fun.  In general, it was a lot of fun just walking to the building and stretching my legs and participating in media day.

#1’s time to shine!

Week 8 – Volleyball Template

Over the past few days, Temple Football and Temple’s official page has been releasing graphics that I helped contribute to!  Even though I helped 5%, it’s awesome to see all the pieces come together.

Today, my task was to create volleyball profile graphics that will be specifically shown on the monitors during games to introduce the players.  It was really awesome to see where the girls came from to play division 1.  There were places like Colorado, Maryland, and even places like Hawaii and Germany listed next to players names.  I was left on my own to create these templates and one designer did help me along the way.  This is what I created…

Round 1

I was so excited to show my supervisor what I created but it turned out, I originally thought the graphic was for social media and not for the monitor at first.  This graphic was so wrong – no one would be able to see the logo and the “greatness” on the bottom right, the #15, or even where the player was from.  When I showed another mentor, who’s also in charge of graphics and I got her reaction, I immediately asked how to change it to be better and I wanted to see examples since I’ve never attended a Temple game so I didn’t know what to create.

I really strive for constructive criticism.  I’m glad the one designer told me the graphic wouldn’t work, otherwise, how would that have helped me?

This is the template I ended up creating instead – something similar and easy to read.

Round 2 – Final!

Week 7 – Cut out after cut out

Bradley’s profile

Today’s agenda was to continue to cut out various players.  My job was to focus on Shaun Bradley’s photos from media day.  There are endless amounts of cut outs one can do in a day but it’s so satisfying when you finish a player.  It takes constant concentration to make sure all the edges are smooth and also look natural.

Zoomed in a cutout of pixels in photoshop

Week 6 – Remote work

A recap video was released from media day and you can see me for about .5 seconds!

Today, I decided to cut out some images from media day, not in the office.  I partly wanted to keep practicing and I also wanted to see what it was like to work remotely since a lot of jobs can be remote full-time or on the road remote.

I was sent about 20 images of Isaiah Wright, who is one of the main players on Temple’s team.  Personally, I rather go into an office to complete work than staying at home.  Obviously, in the future, I can work from home but I enjoy going into the city and changing the environment.

WeTransfer, a sending network, has been a lifesaver and before the internship, I knew it was a common way to use to send large files to different computers.  Cutting out athletes isn’t the most exciting thing to do but once you finish with a photo, it’s super satisfying.

Week 5 – The calm after the storm.

Cutout of #70

Today was a lot calmer than yesterdays media day.

My job today was really just to cut a bunch of athletes out of the staged photos.  Cutting players out can be a pain but when one is making graphics or if a player needs to be featured in a graphic, it’s always convenient to have the player pre-cut so it makes the process a lot easier.

Cutout of #58

Week 5 – Give a War Cry!

Today was honestly the best day so far at Temple University.  My energy was 100% the entire time, even though I had small jobs.  Media days have always been such a high interest of mine, ever since I became interested in the sports industry.  When I woke up, I immediately knew today would be a full day.

Before the football team showed up, everyone covering the event was individually setting up and getting everything ready – lights, camera, batteries, iPads, extention electrical cords and more.  There were three stations set up.  Temple hired an outside company to perform the action shots and gifs.  There was also a station where the guys got more photos taken and then a video station.  My job, along with the other intern, was to catch any “behind-the-scenes” we could with their Canon camera!  When I say I was in heaven, I was in heaven.

Football is one of the sports Temple takes pride in, so they wanted every and all content collected.  The amount of creativity in one large room was so amazing to be a part of.  Below will be a slideshow of some of the photos I took for Temple’s Media Day!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(slideshow above of photos I captured throughout the day!)

Week 4 – Stacked!

Starting the month of July and the week at Temple was great!  I’ve been really paying attention to the postings on Temple’s Athletic pages and it’s really cool to see and know the creators behind the art during my internship.

Today, I cropped athletes out and after touching up the edges, I made sure the cherry stuck out.  I learned how to do this early in the internship and had the directions written out.  I needed to have graphics finished for Men’s Soccer, Women’s Soccer, and Volleyball following the theme of “Greatness.”

Men’s “Greatness” graphic / stacked

With photoshop, you have to remember to stay organized.  That has been a lesson I’m trying to drill into my mind.  Color-coding and labeling is a huge plus, especially if you’re sharing the graphic with others collaborating later.  Grides also help if you want to try staying even or proportionate.  Today I was focusing on how to properly stack individuals on a graphic.  These are a few of my projects from today (not finished).

Women’s “Greatness” graphic / stacked

These templates don’t give much room for creativity but, I enjoyed trying making the pieces fit together.  The color bursts, color selection, shadows, and each piece really takes time and I enjoy the process.  Today was a very calm day but I got a lot done.  It’s hard to believe it’s July already and in the month of June, I changed the way I create graphics in a good and organized way because of Temple.  Always excited for the next day and the future while interning!

Volleyball “Greatness” graphic (not finished) / stacked

Week 3 – Improvement

I’m so glad I didn’t let fear get in the way of taking this position as a graphic design intern.  I was so worried about cutting back my hours at my job and also traveling to Philadelphia alone.  However, I knew this could help me improve my graphic design skills and also prepare me for my internship in the fall with Villanova.

Today I finally finished two projects I’ve been working on, detail after detail.  Because I didn’t take any shortcuts, I really took pride in the details and the details really made the jerseys pop.  Below is the final product of one of my favorite template graphics so far.

Template for Men’s Basketball – jersey

Tracing the jerseys and building the details in Adobe Illustrator was the toughest part.  I’ve never used Illustrator before and it really felt like a foreign language when I watched the experts use it.  Illustrator really is making me work slower and I always need help with it, which can be frustrating.  However, I remember reading a quote stating, “If your work is easy, you’re doing it wrong.”

With an internship or any job, I never want people to praise me just to save feelings.  I want constructive criticism and I want suggestions on how to strengthen my craft.  Struggling with Illustrator really made me vulnerable and made the internship worthwhile and I ask tons of questions, which also helped.

Cherry color

Working with Temple’s Athletic Department, I’m starting to memorize their official colors.  The official colors, of courses, are apart of Temple’s branding.  It’s amazing to memorize the colors and that helps me move on faster.

It’s amazing how themes carry over from one graphic to another in specific sports.  Men’s basketball has a common theme and so does the football.  The creative staff has such amazing ideas and always look to each other for support and I really enjoy a support system and a team.

Front of jersey background

Today, I was also able to finish the jersey wallpapers and add on a Cherry color template.  There is another intern, who is also working for Temple and he wanted to learn how I created backgrounds.  Explaining to him what I did helped me comprehend what I did in Illustrator.  There was a tremendous amount of detail in the graphics and to show what I did and explain as much as I could really helped me enhance my ability in Illustrator.

Back of the jersey wallpaper

Every time I walk through the doors to start the day at Temple, I always know I will be challenged somehow.  Learning every day while being in such a positive environment is so encouraging that I chose the right major, whether I want to be a graphic designer or not.  Digital Communication and Social Media covers a wide variety and exploring it now has been amazing.

Week 3 – More prep for the season’s to come!

It always is super enjoyable to start the week off by doing something you love.  I balance this internship between my job in Exton and so far, it’s been working out great.  The things I learn at Temple I take home with me and do in my free time and usually I post the results on my social media platforms (Instagram/ Twitter).  It’s just amazing how many friends and mentors I’ve met just by being interested in how graphics are made back in 2017.

Today at the internship, I started off with cutting athletes out of images for the creative team to use later on in the season.  It sometimes is a super easy task or a very difficult task.  Depending on the photos provided, it can be unpredictable.  However, the photographer at Temple is super talented and most of the cutouts haven’t been too hard.

I met the photographer once last week and he was so open to having me come to one of the football media days and I was so excited about it.  Media days are both exciting, I think for the athletes and the creative teams.  Posed photos can look boring sometimes if overused in graphics but if one plays around with different poses, you can get somewhere.  I’ve seen some media teams have the guys jump in mid-air after a ball tossed at them and land on patting to grab an action shot.  There is no end to possibilities.

After I cut out a bunch of Temple athletes, I moved on to create another template for the creative team to use for recruits.  I think it’s a great idea to have different concepts to keep the designs fresh when released.  I was looking at another graphic I found and I tried putting my own spin onto it while keeping the branding of Temple incorporated.

Some would say it is boring what I’m doing or we’re sitting too long but our minds are bouncing from one task to another.  I love what I’m doing.

The start of the basketball recruit graphic.

Week 2 – Meeting

Main conference room in Temple Athletics Department

Starting off having the morning super humid, it makes me thankful to work in an office that’s over-airconditioned.

I was told on Tuesday (yesterday) that the creative team was going to have a meeting about a proposed application to bring to Temple’s campus.  I was super excited about the meeting and to present some of my ideas.  It was a little hard to think about ideas because I’ve never attended a game at Temple and I wasn’t exactly sure what the goal was, if and when Temple brings the application onto campus.  However, I brought a full page of notes and possible ideas with goals and call-to-actions.

The meeting was short but it was eye-opening.  To have different creatives come together to talk out their ideas and to collaborate ideas made everyone so excited.  To bring more entertainment to games I think is such an amazing idea and if it works, it will separate the experience someone can have in person at a game compared to when watching a game on TV.

After the meeting (first thing of the day) I was able to create a graphic template for other creatives to plug in information for recruits when the time comes.  On Twitter, many schools are releasing graphics of their new recruits but Temple is jumping on creating templates and backgrounds.  I was so excited to create this!

It always is nice to help out a company who wants the very best content for its viewers.  I was able to also work on cutting objects out to use for later in the season.

This internship can be very overwhelming, being my first official and properly run Adobe lessons but I would not trade this experience for anything else.  My notebook is filled with notes of steps and shortcuts keys and when I get home, I immediately open Photoshop on my computer and practice what I learned.  It’s been great!

Example of recruitment graphic

Week 2 – Recruit time

Mock up of basketball jersey

After I was able to adjust to the feel for Temple’s branding, today I was able to work on personalized backgrounds for students who committed to Temple to play a sport.  Customized backgrounds are very popular and the more personalized a school can get towards its athletes and students, it benefits engagement within social platforms.

Today really made me learn that there are no short cuts.  Of course, Photoshop is full of shortcuts but when designing for Temple, one has to be precise as possible.  There were a few times where I thought I was doing so much and there was an easier way but in reality, the short way would have resulted in not the best work.  Temple works towards the best and I love that.  After looking off a jersey and with the help of the other intern, I was able to replicate the look.

Using InDesign to create textures within a graphic

Using Photoshop, there were a few textures that we wanted to put in the design from the jersey, so we moved back and forth from Photoshop to InDesign.  The difference between Photoshop and InDesign is that in Photoshop, the application uses pixels when in InDesign, the application uses vectors.  I’ve used InDesign when working on the school paper at Cabrini but never before for creating shapes.  InDesign can be super confusing but I know that once I get the hang of it, I will be creating so much.

Tomorrow there is a meeting I am so excited to attend and participate in.  Temple is going to try a new application within the student body to represent Temple Athletics and I have to draw up some ideas for it.  I’m super excited and I started writing ideas down in my notes on my phone on the train ride home.  This atmosphere and the people I work with and for are so nice and kind, it’s amazing that a week has already passed.

Example of customized background

Week 1 – Freestyle

Second day in the books!  Today I was given a few cutouts and sample backgrounds Temple uses and it was a free for all.  When I was told to go freestyle, I was a little hesitant because when someone does a freestyle, they bring the best they can with the materials they have and it can really show the talent the person can bring.  Freestyle is all I do but I was ready to show them some of my skills.

Starting off, I created a graphic with the dimensions for an iPhone X (1125X2436).  After finishing, I was given some ideas to make it more Temple based, which I appreciated a lot!

Being in the office so far, I really do like how Temple’s program runs.  Everyone has their own work area but are able to hop over to someone’s workspace to see their work.  I thrive on constructive criticism and I love how teamwork can create the unimaginable and that’s exactly what’s happening during the day in the office.

After working on a few backgrounds, I continued to freestyle, but with a “Game Day” theme for the dimensions of a landscape.  I learned so much while creating the graphics and I’m going to start bringing a notebook to jot down the steps.  My phone is filled with steps.  In the end, I was able to show a few examples of what I created with the material I was given.

Example of “Game Day” freestyle

June 12 (Week 1) – First day!

View of Temple’s campus

Today was my first day as a Graphic Design Intern at Temple University‘s Athletic Department!  Originally for the summer of 2019, I was going to work non-stop to get ready to pay for the fall semester of my senior year.  However, when I saw the opportunity for non-Temple students, I jumped for it.

As a digital communication and social media student at Cabrini University,  there isn’t a strong program for individuals interested in sports communications.  Cabrini has a class or two for sports communication but like any job, you need real experience to see if one wants to go a certain direction or another direction in the job field.  Cabrini emphasizes the importance of writing and even though that’s a great skill to have, I’m in search to use my photography and graphic design abilities for the future.

I’ve always had an interest in sports and just recently found so many opportunities for people in the creative field working for athletic departments.  I taught myself how to use Adobe Photoshop and I want to take this opportunity to learn from experts on a professional level.

Today, I was able to shadow a Temple student, who’s been an intern for the Athletic Department for the past year.  For my first project, I worked on a graphic promoting an Alumni Game for the women’s soccer team.  After I cleaned up the image, I worked with the intern to learn the Temple branding process.  I was so interested and focused, I kept track of all the steps.

In the interview for this position a few days before, I was asked what I wanted to accomplish during the internship.  These were my goals…

  1. Learn how a Division I creative departments operate compared to Division III (Cabrini University)
  2. Become more experienced in using the Adobe applications
  3. Learn how to create motion graphics
  4. Push myself out of my comfort zone

My first day consisted of meeting new people, learning new techniques, and learning the importance of a creative vision.  I’m so excited to continue the internship and see what I learn.

Creating the Alumni Game graphic with guidance