Villanova University – Social Media Internship (Fall 2019)

December 8 – RECAP:

I read my blog posts from back in August and it’s incredible how much I’ve grown in the creative department.  A lot of the graphics I created were modified by others in the department with a slight difference and it makes me so happy to contribute to a great organization.  When I tell others what I do at Villanova, people are very surprised thinking that interns can’t have that many responsibilities and having work published.  It’s really incredible and I’m really glad I took a leap of faith.  I learned so much and I’m so excited to continue the internship during the winter and spring.

December 1 – Week 12


SANTA MADE AN APPEARANCE!  Big game against La Salle, Santa was able to attend and take photos with the fans beforehand.  Getting to the game very early, I was able to cover the pre-event as the voice for Athletics and the Men’s Basketball team.

Before the game, I was also able to create the first “Starting Five” graphic.  This graphic is now used before every game to showcase the starting players.  Many colleges also have a graphic circulating so I was able to view a few ideas from various already published graphics and created a Villanova branded “Starting Five” graphic.

After a great win, 83-72 against La Salle, I created the twitter player of the game award as usual.

Covering the game against La Salle and also Penn, I was running around but getting jobs done on time!  For the game against Penn, Bey was the twitter winner and that graphic was completed.

This week I also took a stab at the recap stats.  This was honestly really complicated, only because I’ve never really read stats before.  It took awhile but I was able to complete the draft!  Of course, I’m not an expert at looking at numbers and abbreviations and knowing right away what it means but it’s a start!

November 24 – Week 11

To start off the week with my usual duties, I had to quickly make a graphic for Big East’s Player of the Week.  Sometimes awards are given without notice so I had to jump on creating the graphic for this to be shared on Villanova’s side.

It was also pretty cool to see the SkullSparks noted Villanova Men’s Basketball’s Instagram was 1 of the 25 accounts generating the most interactions.

Being apart of the staff that builds and releases content for the program, I was pretty happy to see we were one of the top colleges making a stance.

On Monday into Tuesday, I had the task of creating Thanksgiving graphics for all athletic teams and a few others.  All together, there were over 45 graphics created in a day.  I was pretty on top of getting the graphics done before Thursday so that the teams could plan when to post.

When Black Friday rolled around the corner, I also created the graphic to showcase deals for the Wells Fargo games.  This graphic was made weeks ago but was modified before Black Friday.

Very busy week but I was able to meet every deadline that was given to me!

November 17 – Week 10

This week was a little different because the Men’s Basketball team went to South Carolina for a championship.  The entire week was remote but I felt as though I was doing Villanova work whenever I could!  Starting off the week, there was a Jersey Retirement announcement.  The project was very last minute but I was able to create the graphic with the right specs and information.

While the guys were in South Carolina, they had 3 games.  I had to update all the Game Day graphics and update the half-time and final score graphics.  Within the games, they had players to showcase through Service Experts.

I also covered the football game against Delaware on my own and was really confident in getting the content needed.

November 10 – Week 9

Awards come in every day it seems like it when working with this program.  This week, I was able to update the awards template for Jeremiah Robinson-Earl for Freshman of the Week.

A graphic I created a few weeks prior was posted to promote the Thanksgiving Drive!  This graphic had many drafts but turned out great.  This graphic was displayed during the basketball games and also during the game at the Wells Fargo Center.

On Friday, there was a football game where I covered the usual duties.

I was also lucky enough to have a spot during the game at the Wells Fargo Center the next day (Saturday)  This was my first time going in general so it was amazing to see the layout, the fans show out, all the work behind the scenes, and more!  I will be going to all the Wells Fargo Center games so there are 6 left.

During games, I have a lot of duties and things to do while the game is going on.  I really enjoy being apart of the process!  After the game, the players voted was a tie.  I modified the graphic to showcase 2 players!

November 3 – Week 8

A new month with a new set of projects!  Like the 76ers, many programs are showcasing highlights and photos from games through carosals on Instagram.  Needing to have Land Rover’s ad in the middle, I created the template to use whenever the basketball team won.  The first display we were able to use was the game against Army.

Being the first carosal, it instantly grabbed attention!

I also created a graphic towards Eric Paschall because of an amazing game he had.  Making sure graphics are compatible for all platforms, it was a lot of carrying information from one artboard to the next.

I was also able to help create the Game Day graphics that are now released the morning of games.  Villanova had an outside source help with the design but because what the designer sent back was a little unorganized and not on-brand, I decided to remake the entire graphic.  The graphic is now formatted for all platforms.

After the basketball games, if Villanova wins, Service Experts showcases a player that the fans vote on.  I was able to also create the graphic for the showcased player, which is now used and modified every time a player is recognized.

Villanova also had a football game on Saturday so I was able to cover, tweet and post-on-site, live!

October 27 – Week 7

This week was a little slower.  One of the projects I really had to focus on what a Happy Halloween graphic.  While staying on brand, I decided to take some ideas from other colleges and create our own graphics.  It was quite simple and it was an easy way to incorporate our school colors and text.

Creating the graphic was a little hard but so fun to be creative!

October 20 – Week 6

Busy week, per usual.  Usually starting the week with “This Week in Athletics” post to start off the week, there were a few posts that were needed as soon as possible to create.  With the NBA starting up, there were a few Villanova grads/ students that were participating in various teams!  I had to create a carousel that represented each Villanova grad/ past student.  Below is what I came up with.  This was a very huge project but it was a ton of fun to see come together.


The same day, the Villanova Men’s Basketball was ranked #10th in the Associate Press Preseason Poll awards and to present that information was very important.  Looking at how other schools presented the award, I was able to come up with an idea to showcase the guys.

Both posts were on-brand but portrayed important information.

Within the same day, because College Basketball is around the corner, I was expected to create 20+ graphics promoting the first game at Wells Fargo Center, Ohio University vs. Villanova in November.

These are very repetitive but necessary to do.  With different screen sizes, you have to accommodate all of them or the information may not be presented clearly.

These ads are run on social media platforms by Villanova and Wells Fargo Center as well as on different internet sites like Yahoo.

This week, I also worked on a graphic that will be shared very soon.  Honda is sponsoring a Thanksgiving Food Drive at Villanova and the graphics created will promote the event.  I had to make multiple versions for different platforms and also a graphic for Men’s, Women’s and Athletic accounts need to promote the event.

This project was a ton of fun but so much work, per usual.

On the weekend, the Football team had a game against Stony Brook.  I was covering the event and It was a lot easier.  The first football game I went to, I really had no idea what I was doing.   However, even though Villanova lost by 1 point, it was still an awesome experience to gather content on the spot and post current events.

This internship is so incredible and I can’t wait for basketball season to push in.

October 19 – Week 5

This past week, Villanova Men’s Basketball traveled to California to play a game so the entire week I worked remotely.  I enjoy remote-work sometimes but most of the time I enjoy going into an office.  However, because my schedule was obnoxiously busy, it worked out that the week turned strictly remote.  I worked on a few projects, surrounded by the Men’s Basketball.

I tackled a few projects before the game that Friday.  I designed the schedule of the night, the new half time, and the final score graphic and it was implemented to keep the fans updated.  The final graphic for both half time and final score were made, keeping in mind that Villanova wanted to display a current photo as the main subject than a graphic.

I still want to update the graphic to make it even better but a lot of schools are starting to showcase the actual photo was taken, rather than a graphic interrupting the photo.  With basketball starting up, mostly in November, I know I will be super busy!

October 12 – Week 4

This past week, I was able to conquer a few projects.  The week was mostly dedicated to Men’s Basketball.  However, at the beginning of the week, the 100th win for the Men’s Soccer graphic was released on Facebook and Twitter and the graphic was instantly shared and retweeted everywhere!  I was watching the game and when I saw the guys won, it was a huge achievement!  This was one of my favorite projects, just because I was really able to take a full lead on this.

With the Big East Conference awards for the Men’s Basketball, I was prompted by making three graphics for the three awards presented to the Villanova athletes, in different formats for the different platforms.  When the awards were named, the graphics were pushed out just in time.  I went through a few drafts but I’m happy how they came out!

The week is always busy with various projects happening at once but I really enjoy the speed.  Sometimes it can get overwhelming but I like keeping myself busy while learning a ton!

October 5th – Week 3

This past week has been one of the busiest times while at Villanova.  Hoops Mania is a huge celebration to open up the basketball season for Men’s and Women’s teams.  The week was about preparing for the event by creating graphics to countdown till the day (Oct 5).

When the day came for the celebration, I was able to get in the building early with my pass and go over plans for covering the event.  During the event, I was the middle-man, getting photos from the main photographer and sharing them with my boss and also others that were running various social platforms.  It got so crowded so fast, the school spirit was amazing.  My job was to cover the event as a behind-the-scenes eye while capturing the perspective of a fan.

Swea Lee was the secret artist that was brought to perform at the end of Hoops Mania and he had the crowd wild!  I was able to take photos of him after the performance, playing basketball in Villanova’s gym.  It was awesome to see photos circulate of mine!

Blog 2

Work has been piling up but I enjoy it because I feel like I’m helping and it keeps me busy.  I was able to cover 2 football games while at Villanova and I’ve learned not only the game but being able to plan ahead for what needs to be posted at what time while covering live the activities.

My favorite part of the internship is being able to use both my love for photography and also my graphic design experience.  It excites me to take a series of photos and sending them to my phone to post within minutes on the official platforms.  I’ve really strengthened my speed with multi-tasking.  Handling multiple projects at a time has sometimes been a struggle but in the end, I’ve really learned the importance of working while keeping other projects in mind so I can potentially cover multiple tasks at once.  Something I was super proud of was being able to create graphics to promote package deals for basketball games at the Wells Fargo Center.  The header graphic and side graphics were all designed and looked over with a magnifying glass!

Blog 1

Even though this is my 3rd internship, I’ve never felt so apart of an organization than the first two weeks of my internship with Villanova.  Starting with a to-do list, I had so many tasks at hand.  I had to jump from project to project, multitasking so that I could meet the deadlines.

The reason why I felt so welcomed and apart of Villanova was because when I was tasked with something while following specific guidelines, I was left on my own designing.  I really held the reins for the projects.  I would check in every so often with what I had and my boss either said keep going or it was perfect.  Here is the result with a ton of guidance but I worked so hard to get this schedule out on time!

The schedule was shared on multiple platforms with some of the biggest engagement I’ve ever seen on my projects.  On Twitter, it was shared on Villanova Men’s Basketball‘s page with 197.4k followers, Villanova Athletics‘s twitter page with 29k followers, and Jay Wright’s personal twitter page with 92.4k followers with many retweets and positivity from the #NovaNation!

On Instagram, it was publicized on Villanova Men’s Basketball’s page with 103k followers as well as their Instagram story and The Nationer’s Instagram story with 34.5k followers.

Finally, on Facebook, it was posted with 106,197 followers on Villanova Men’s Basketball‘s page and also on Villanova’s Athletic Facebook page with 21,646 followers.  It was a great turnout.

Currently, I’m working on pieces of graphics for Men’s Soccer and also for Women’s Basketball.  I was even asked to help someone else with graphic designing today.  Just being able to be asked to do so many tasks is a really eye-opening experience.  This career is still new to me and so exciting but it also shows me how much I can do in a day while balancing school work.

Officially apart of Villanova University’s Athletic Department.

Back in February of 2019, I decided to take a leap and approach a well-known organization and ask them if they were hiring interns.  That day opened my eyes to a huge opportunity with Villanova University’s Athletic Department.  Talking with the Assistant Director of Athletics/ Marketing Licencing Director, I became so excited to even have the chance to be interviewed.  I helped out at a couple events in April and May of 2019 and then was offered a Social Media Internship for the 2019-2020 year!  I am so blessed to be offered a partnership with a Division 1 organization with a great mission statement.  In early August my boss and I met up and chatted a few times and I officially fully started in the middle of August.