Villanova University – Social Media Internship (Spring 2020)

April 6 – Week 12

Today is #NationalStudentAthleteDay and I was tasked to create graphics for each sports team.  They wanted to have the graphics consistent and also have multiple versions to post on various platforms.

I created graphics for every sports team!

Big day because Saddiq won the Julius Award!  So far, 3 in the Villanova program have won this award.  All the graphics I made for Saddiq to promote him paid off!

Saddiq received various congratulations but we really wanted to highlight Julius himself.  

I also created new ZOOM backgrounds!

Being #NationalPetDay I revamped their graphic from last year!  Many submissions came in as well!

I also created all the Easter graphics for every sport in the department!

I saw a lot of sports teams create gifs so I decided to create one for Villanova!  The activity was to stop the image in its place in the photo!  I created multiple versions but landed on this one to have Athletic’s post.  Big hit!  I never created a graphic before so this was huge for me.

March 30 – Week 11

With ZOOM becoming a way for people to have meetings, we decided to create ZOOM backgrounds to start off the week.

The week before, I asked if we could do a customized #WallpaperWednesday.  This means that I would be creating jerseys with fans’ last name and the number they provide.  After creating the jersey a few nights before, I was so nervous about it.  I knew I could do it no problem but I was just worried.  However, everything went smoothly and it was a huge hit.  Requests kept coming in nonstop.  We will definitely will do it again!

March 23 – Week 10

To increase engagement, I created a graphic where followers would comment on their favorite uniform, 1-9.  This definitely aimed up engagement with everyone discussing online.

I was also tasked to create an infographic to help advertise the local supporters of Villanova.  This graphic was very important to get every detail right.

I was also asked to create photos formatted for phone screens for #WallpaperWednesday – big hit!

With early polls up, I also created a graphic combining all the rankings together.

Villanova hired a new Women’s Basketball coach and to welcome her, I created the graphic that was released March 27th on multiple platforms.

CBS 3 also aired the Championship for 1985.  This was a little harder to create graphics because finding photos from that time was a little difficult.  However, when provided the images, we went forward with advertising the game and having a mini social media campaign using #NOVAChamps85.

March 16 – Week 9

I still am continuing my internship with Villanova.  Even though sports are canceled, I am kept busy with various tasks.  To start, rankings came out with Villanova very high!

Saddiq Bey was also awarded the All American award.

CBS 3 decided to air old games that stuck out in the NCAA program and the Championship win in 2016, Villanova vs. North Carolina was one of them.  Villanova decided to host a social media campaign using the hashtag #NOVAChamps16, which I came up with!  Here is the content created for the game!

March 9 – Week 8

HUGE weekend – awards were given out by the Big East Conference.  This graphic took a bunch of tries but I was satisfied with the outcome.

Saddiq Bey was awarded as well as Collin Gillespie, Justin Moore, and Jeremiah Robinson-Earl.

The Men’s Basketball also was ranked from Skull Sports:

On March 12th, due to the Corona Virus, everything was shut down.  Every game we prepared for and every tournament in sports.

March 2 – Week 7

To start off the week, Mark Jackson was awarded Athletics Director of the Year!  I was able to put a graphic together to showcase the achievement.

Completing all the content needed for the game against Seton Hall, I was able to create another graphic for Saddiq Bey for being considered for the Julius Award which is a huge achievement.

Bouncing back to Women’s Basketball, I was able to create 2 graphics to showcase 2 players.

February 24 – Week 6

During spring break, I will be going to New Orleans for an immersion trip to assist a group building and repairing houses for those affected by Hurricane Katrina.  However, I am bringing my computer to continue my internship on the plane and during downtimes.

Being tasked to create an achievement graphic for women’s basketball, I was super excited!  This time, a player was achieved with Scoring Leader!  I learned it’s super important to continue to stay on top of tasks when given to you so one does not fall behind.

Even though I was not in Pennsylvania, I was creating all the content as normal for the game against St. John and DePaul.  It was kind of hard with being booked all day but everything worked out well because I prepared myself and used my time wisely.

It was so cool to also see Villanova on the charts.  Skull Sports is an account I follow closely to see rankings of highest engagements.

February 17 – Week 5

Besides the regular gameday material and content created for the game against Temple, DePaul, and Xavier, I was assigned to create an award graphic showing JRE’s achievement of the week.

I was also tasked with creating a template for the video team to use every time they created a recap of a game.  The graphic had to have Villanova’s logo and the opponent displayed well, as well as information about the game.  Creating the first 2 in every sport, I was able to write directions for other interns to pick up the project.

I was assigned to showcase a huge achievement by a student-athlete on the women’s lacrosse team – highest career points!  This was actually really fun to make because lacrosse is not a sport I focus on regulary.

February 10 – Week 4

After creating the content for the game against Seton Hall, I started another project for the Men’s Soccer social pages.  With their spring schedule, I was able to finish up a clean graphic for multiple platforms.

With the next game against Marquette, the halftime show was featuring a former player, who’s jersey was being retired.  After creating the graphics, I had to make sure certain events were covered on the Athletics page.  You can even see me in most of the videos in the beginning produced.

Ending the week, Villanova played against Temple.  I was really excited to watch the game from home.  I actually had to work remotely and update the final scores (no halftime because they were loosing).

I always wondered how it’d be like if I worked remotely for all games but it’s so different when watching it from home than covering the game live.

February  3 – Week 3

During the weekend again, there was a game against Creighton at the Wells Fargo Center.  I finished all the graphics for that day.  The next day, Saddiq Bey earned an award so that meant a new award graphic template!  This template took some time but turned out great!

The men’s soccer team also had a handful of students receive

honor roll and the coaches wanted to send a shoutout to the team on social media.  I was able to create this graphic real quick but have it very clean!

Saddiq Bey had a tremendous week, getting two awards!

I was also asked to create “SOLD OUT” graphics for the game against Seton Hall.  This was a way for people that weren’t able to grab tickets in time to grab last-minute seats.

Switching gears, I finished the men’s lacrosse gameday graphic, which was posted to start the season strong!

Busy week but I definitely learned how to really multitask many projects but still have strong outcomes.  Also, this week when making the sold out graphics, VividSeats wanted their logo huge on our graphic.  Because the business wanted their logo huge, my boss gathered 50 graphics and I had to measure how big the sponsored graphics were.  It was an ongoing project but when completed, it was crazy how big VividSeats wanted their logo compared to others that we’ve done and other companies have had their sponsors.


January 27 – Week 2

During the weekend, I created all the graphics for Gameday against Butler.  With Butler losing, I had to create the graphics that go along with the win.  On Monday, I saw that Villanova Men’s Basketball was one of the top accounts reaching high engagement rates.

This always encourages me when I see the number of engagements and interactions.  At the start of the week, I was also able to create the Freshman of the Week graphic, featuring Jeremiah, one of Villanova’s best players!

This week I also started working on drafts for the Men’s (and women’s) lacrosse gameday and score graphics.  Because their first game is soon, I started early so we could decide on a design.  There was also a game against St. John’s so I created all the graphics for that game.

I also designed a graphic, showcasing two all-star players!

Kyle Lowry and Eric Paschall

I had to do a lot of time-sensitive projects so this week I learned to really use my time wisely and never stop pushing my limits!

January 20 – Week 1

Starting the spring semester, I was able to start fresh with creating a quick graphic for Martin Luther King’s day.  Usually, we plan for holidays a week or so in advance but for MLK, I just had to put something together, which turned out great!

I also prepped for tomorrow’s gameday graphic against Butler, featuring Collin on the cover.  It’s super important to have all the materials in place also.

After creating the other materials for the game, we won 76-61!  I was then in charge of filling out the template provided on Boxout Sports.  Whenever I’m tasked with filling in stats, it takes some time to match up the numbers with the abbreviations.  However, it turned out fine and was posted!

It’s super important when filling out these templates that all the information is accurate.  I made the mistake a few times where I switch the numbers but each time I am prompted with filling out the template, I get better every time.